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Showroom Inevitably, the first question that we often hear from our customers is, "Why Pickle Piano?" The name is really a metaphor for the process involved in restoring pianos. Like a cucumber is transformed into a pickle after much seasoning and preservation, so too are our pianos. The name is really a reflection of our committment to transforming used pianos into the beautiful pieces of art that they once were. As musicians, we take sound quality very seriously, but beyond that, we strive to promote the aesthetic beauty of pianos: their graceful lines, their rich veneers, their delicate carvings. A piano should at once inspire and awe - it should be an extension of the musician's hand, heart and soul.

Pickle Piano was established in the summer of 1988. The motivation behind opening this store was to provide the Chicagoland region with high quality new and used pianos. To set oursleves apart from the competition, we employed sales professionals with years of professional piano experience. Our highly-skilled technicians hail from all over the globe, and they help to ensure the integrity of every piano we sell. Our inventory is carefully selected, and includes only the finest new and used pianos from Europe, North America and Asia. At Showroom our inception, our stated mission was to honor the integrity of our musical backrounds by selling only the best pianos at fair prices, and by providing our customers with all of the information they would need to make an informed decision about their purchase. We are pleased to say that over twenty-seven years later, this mission still remains vital to our business philosophy.

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