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ShowroomThe exceptional craftsmen who give Pickle Piano its excellent reputation for quality are truly masters of their craft, dedicated to the piano arts with experience measured in decades.  Much of the magic they do is performed right here at our in-house workshop, but many minor services, especially tunings and minor cabinet repairs, are commonly performed in the home.

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The piano services that we offer include:

  • Restoration and Rebuilding:

- New action
- New pin block
- New strings
- New dampers
- Restore soundboard (or replace with new soundboard)
- Refinish cabinet
- Restore bridge
- Resurface keys
- Regulate the action
- Tonal finishing

  • Recondition:

- Keep original components
- Resurface the hammers
- Level the keys
- Set the key dip
- Regulate the action
- Thorough cleaning
- Tune

  • Action Regulation
  • Voicing/Tonal Finishing
  • Refinishing
  • Tuning
  • Cabinet Repairs and Touch Ups
  • Professional Moving
  • Haul Away and Disposal
  • Storage
  • Rentals

- Short term
- Long term
- Rent to buy

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