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Piano Tuning

We recommend that pianos be tuned twice per year to maintain optimal tonal quality. Pianos will go out of tune over time, but changes in weather conditions, temperature and humidity, will usually cause a piano to lose its tune faster. Therefore, it is generally advisable that you tune your piano in the spring and fall, about six weeks after you turn on your heat in autumn, and about six weeks after you turn off your heat in the spring. It is also recommended that you tune your piano after a move, as the moving process can cause a piano to go out of tune.

We work with a small network of piano technicians who service the entire Chicago metropolitan area. All of our piano tuners meet our rigorous requirements of excellence in professionalism, expertise, and customer service. Most of our tuners have experience measured in decades, and are registered Piano Technicians Guild members.

Prices for piano tuning start at $90, but vary depending on such factors as location and how long it has been since the piano was last tuned, and are set by the individual tuner.

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