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Meet the Sales Staff
Matt Bechteler
Matt Bechteler

Founder and President of Pickle Piano Company. A classical pianist, organist and technician, Matt's "commitment to the art of playing the piano and organ is that no one should be denied having a chance to enjoy the lifetime gift of learning to play music.  Every instrument, whether it be reconditioned or new, is taken to the highest possible level of action performance and proper tonal finishing." This philosophy reverberates throughout our company, fortifying our commitment to excellence. Matt adds that he is "blessed that our technicians and cabinet artisans are among the very finest in The United States, Europe, and Asia. Our company representatives are professional performing musicians recognized internationally."

Scott Carlin
Scott Carlin

Sales Professional at Pickle Piano Company. Scott Carlin has been with Pickle Piano since its inception in 1988. He has been playing piano and keyboards for over 39 years. He is a classically trained performing musician who remains active in studio recording. He has written articles for music publications, and has interviewed fellow musicians Keith Emerson, Patrick Moraz, and Robert Lamm.

Michael Chung
Michael S. Chung

Michael S. Chung has been the head technician at Pickle Piano Co. since 1997. In addition, he maintains, tunes and repairs pianos for the Chicago school district 54. Michael holds a Master of Music degree from Busan National University and certification from the Piano Technical Institute of South Korea. He is an active member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG). Michael provides full service to Chicago and all surrounding suburbs.

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