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The Pickle Difference

The "Pickle Difference" is in our name. When you "pickle" something, you preserve it. That's how we look at the work that goes into every piano that leaves our showroom. New or used, every piano that we sell goes through a vigorous series of inspections and improvements.

Pickle Piano Company is one of a few remaining full-sevice piano houses in the United States. Our store consists of two parts: a showroom where customers can browse and play the pianos at ease, and a workshop where each piano is meticulously serviced. The people behind Pickle Piano are all professional musicians and artisans, dedicated to the musical fulfillment and unsurpassed service of our customers.

Matt Bechteler, a concert pianist and piano aficionado since childhood, founded Pickle Piano Company in 1988 with his unwavering commitment to excellence in music. His vision for Pickle was to create a company that would establish a new height in the values of integrity and quality in workmanship and customer service.

Being a full-service piano house, our customers can rest assured that no piano leaves our showroom directly out of the box. Every piano is serviced to perfection by our expert technicians. Our customers satisfaction is our satisfaction.

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