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The following pianos are rare finds; part of a special collection at Pickle Piano Company. Please check back as we continue to update this page. This page may take some time to load, as there are/will be many pictures. Please allow time for all pictures to load, and please note that pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them. Thank you.


C. Bechstein Model C 7'3" Art Case (Polished Ebony)
Superior Restoration - built in 1905 in Berlin, Germany, this instrument has original ivory, and ranks among the highest level of the art of piano building in Europe. Established in 1853, Bechstein is considered Germany's most famous builder of concert-quality instruments. Owned and performed upon by legendary pianists such as Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Arthur Schnabel, and many others. The Pickle Piano Company is the midwest's premier representative of restored and new C. Bechstein instruments.

C. Bechstein Model E 9' Art Case Concert Grand (Polished Ebony)
Superior Restoration - built in 1886 in Berlin, Germany, this instrument has original ivory (88 notes). Meticulously restored, this piano is a rare collectible, and fine peforming instrument.

C. Bechstein Model V 6'7" Art Case (polished ebony) circa 1893
Fully restored, including new pinblock, new strings, new shanks, and new hammers. Eighty eight notes with original ivory in perfect condition.

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