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Kohler Digital
Kohler Digital KD-7
A new Dimension in Musical Expression, Entertainment, and Connectivity... Simply the Ultimate in Piano Innovation
Outstanding craftsmanship and technological advancement bring a level of quality that you can clearly see and hear. With its stunning 5' ebony high polish cabinet, slow close fall board, and 88 note hammer escapement action, the KD-7 has a look and feel that is truly remarkable. Along with its rich grand piano sound, the KD-7 has 30 realistic instruments to choose from. Complete with a 360 watt audio system and 5 optimally placed speakers, the KD-7 provides a powerful sound along with its commanding appearance.

Choose from a variety of piano CD and song file formats using the built in remote control player system. The moving keys are quiet, and perfect for entertaining your family, friends, or for any social occasion. Along with 3 USB ports for additional music storage, the KD-7 will provide hours of musical enjoyment.

The KD-7 couldn't be simpler to use. Offering you all of the benefits of a digital piano, there is no need for tuning or maintenance. You can record your own performance, listen quietly with headphones, or just sit back and turn up the volume while watching the keys move to your favorite artist! Kohler Digital has further advanced the evolution of the player piano and has set new standards for design and technology for years to come.

The Kohler KD-7 features the latest in player piano technology offering playback of MIDI, WAV, OGG, and multiple CD player piano formats. Copy and store your song files to the KD-7's internal memory. If more room is needed, simply plug in your external USB flash or hard drive, for unlimited playback of songs. Once enabled with Ethernet or optional Wi-Fi access, the KD-7 will allow downloading of songs and music files directly to the player.

With its user friendly remote control operation and integrated online help, the KD-7 is your music library to the world!
  • Keyboard
  • Tone Generator
  • Polyphony
  • Sounds
  • Pedals
  • CD Drive Playback
  • Remote Control
  • Internal Memory
  • Sequencer
  • Demo Songs
  • Display
  • Connections
  • Amp Output
  • Speakers
  • Power Supply
  • Cabinet Size
  • 88 note hammer action with escapement
  • Stereo PCM
  • 60 note
  • 30 (with 2 sound layering)
  • 3 (soft, sostenuto, sustain)
  • Multiple CD player piano formats, including midi, wav & OGG
  • Complete menu access and operation of player system
  • 256 MB
  • Real time quick record (on remote control)
  • Multiple song library (75 songs)
  • Scrolling LED dot matrix
  • Headphone, mic input, 3 USB ports, Ethernet, & digital audio out
  • 120 watts x 3 (360 watts total)
  • 10" subwoofer (1), 6.5" midrange (2), 3" tweeters (3)
  • 120v, 60 Hz
  • 5' grand piano length (150cm.)

KD-26: Digital Piano
The Kohler KD-26 is the perfect digital piano for the beginner player or the pianist who wants the diversity of sounds. The KD-26 features an 88-note hammer weighted keyboard with 30 sounds. Other features include 30 built in demo songs with tempo adjustment, transpose, metronome, sound layering, and 3 levels of touch sensitivity. The KD-26 also offers 3 levels of reverb and chorus, along with 50 total watts of power. Wrapped in a handsome rosewood case with a keyboard cover and 3 pedals, the KD-26 is the perfect instrument for anyone desiring a high quality sound at an affordable price.

KD-60: Digital Ensemble
The Kohler KD-60 is a stunning digital ensemble, compact in size yet uniquely grand in sound. The KD-60 features a large custom display with a 3-way proprietary audio system. The KD-60 features a total of 360 watts of incredible audio quality, and the best in digital sounds. Included are over 640 sounds and 1216 rhythm variations. The KD-60 is the perfect instrument for the novice, yet challenging for the student, and artistically satisfying for the professional musician.

DigiPlayer Ensemble KD-165 with Moving Keys
The Kohler KD-165 "Digiplayer" represents the flagship of all digital ensembles. The KD-165 incorporates the auto play feature, allowing the keys to move up and down. The KD-165 reads general midi files and multiple player CD formats. In addition, the KD-165 includes an upgraded hammer weighted keyboard, with escapement action, that is whisper quiet. For those demanding the "best in class", the KD-165 is a cut above the rest.

KD-26: Digital Piano KD-60, -165
  • Keyboard
  • Sound Generation
  • Color
  • Polyphony
  • Sounds
  • Demo Songs
  • Pedal
  • Effects
  • Function
  • Connections
  • Amp Output
  • Speakers
  • Dimensions
  • 88 notes, hammer-weighted action
  • Stereo PCM System
  • Rosewood
  • 60 notes
  • 30 sounds
  • 30 songs
  • Soft, Sustain, Sostenuto
  • Reverb, Chorus (3 levels each)
  • Master volume, Layer, Transpose, Metronome, Tune, Touch control (3 step)
  • Line output (L/MONO, R), Headphones, MIDI (IN, OUT)
  • 25W x 2 (Stereo)
  • 2 Speakers (5" x 2)
  • 54.25" x 19" x 33.5" (W x D x H)
  • Powerful HI (Hyper Integrated) sound generation system
  • OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System) - multi-tasking operating system, to let you load data while playing your instrument
  • Updataeble operating system, to add new features from disk
  • Solid State Disk (SSD), for any system update - a smart way to replace the usual ROM memory
  • Direct style from floppy disk or hard drive
  • General MIDI level 2 sound compatible
  • More than 660 sounds
  • 4 Multi effect processors, each with 89 effects
  • 80 Performances and 1,216 Single Touch Settings (STS), for fast keyboard and effect settings
  • 304 styles with 4 variations
  • XDS Dual Sequencer with Crossfader
  • Backing Sequence - 16 tracks, real time record, acc step record
  • Style record and edit
  • Full-featured sequencer (Song Record and Edit)
  • Large custom display
  • Monophonic After Touch
  • Pitchbend and Modulation Wheels
  • Lyric display
  • 88-note hammer action keyboard with after-touch (Fatar TP40)
  • Auto Play Feature (moving keys) - KD-165
  • Hard Drive, Vocal Harmonizer (KD-165)
  • Video output with karaoke lyric display (KD-165)

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