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Korg Concert Pianos


Web site: http://www.Korg.com

Manufactured In: Japan

For over 45 years, Korg has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic musical instruments. Founded in Japan in 1962, Korg has emerged as one of the most respected manufacturers in the electronic music industry. Pickle Piano Company is proud to offer Korg's fine series of digital Concert Pianos. Korg digital Concert Pianos feature realistic piano action response with fully weighted keys, a suite of digitally enhanced features including fine tuning, effects, recording, multiple instrument sampling, USB and MIDI connections, and much more. Korg's Concert Piano series offers an excellent price-to-quality ratio beginning at about $995 and topping out at about $4,000. Korg Concert Pianos are available in the following elegant finishes: Light Cherry, Dark Cherry, Dark Rosewood, and Dark Wenge.

Virtually maintenance free, these digital instruments never need tuning, require no special environmental conditions, yet have capabilities far beyond traditional pianos. For over 45 years, Korg has excelled in creating electronic musical instruments that appeal to a musician's heart and hands; combining innovation, great sound, and intuitive ease of use.

Each Concert Piano model offers sophisticated and expressive sound and our finest graded hammer action keyboard (RH3). The hammer weighting is reduced as you play up the keyboard - just as on a real concert grand - providing a satisfying keyboard that lets you play with authority and confidence. A selection of touch-response curves allows you to tailor the keyboard to your own playing style. Korg Concert Pianos can easily be transposed into any key, and their overall tuning can be set to match another instrument. They even feature historic temperaments, so useful in recreating authentic baroque performances. Two headphone outputs are also provided for parent/child or teacher/student use, as well as for private practice.

Korg Model C-320 in Cherry Finish
Korg Model C-320

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