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Digital Pianos
Enrich your home and family with a Korg Concert Piano, and enjoy a lifetime of musical delight.
Virtually maintenance free, these digital instruments never need tuning, require no special environmental conditions, yet have capabilities far beyond traditional pianos. For over 40 years, Korg has excelled in creating electronic musical instruments that appeal to a musician's heart and hands; combining innovation, great sound, and intuitive ease of use.

Each Concert Piano model offers sophisticated and expressive sound and our finest graded hammer action keyboard (RH3). The hammer weighting is reduced as you play up the keyboard - just as on a real concert grand - providing a satisfying keyboard that lets you play with authority and confidence. A selection of touch-response curves allows you to tailor the keyboard to your own playing style. Korg Concert Pianos can easily be transposed into any key, and their overall tuning can be set to match another instrument. They even feature historic temperaments, so useful in recreating authentic baroque performances. Two headphone outputs are also provided for parent/child or teacher/student use, as well as for private practice.

C-720 - ultimate sound and beauty
Setting new standards in both design elegance and sound reproduction is the C-720; the flagship of Korg's Concert Piano series. The C-720 is finished in a luxurious real wood veneer with a deep wenge (espresso) color. Decorative metal accents highlight the turned front legs. Convenient hooks provide headphone storage. And to top it off, the C-720 features a true grand piano style, soft-landing key cover.

The C-720 employs an uncompromising bi-amped audio system to achieve a truly stellar sound. Integrated into the stand is a sealed acoustic chamber housing two bass speakers for a lush, rich sound. Inside the piano body are two soft-dome tweeters, providing enhanced clarity and presence. All of these components work in harmony to deliver a piano sound so lifelike it will take your breath away!

C-720 / C-520 - for a real Piano eXperience
Using our "Piano eXperience" (PX) technology, the C-720 and C-520 create a detailed and authentic recreation of a concert grand piano sound. Stereo samples preserve the natural spaciousness and imaging of the original instrument. Four dynamic sample layers offer the full dynamic range of a concert grand piano - from delicate arpeggios to thunderous crescendos. Additional sample elements capture the delicate shadings that give a piano its unique sonic signature - from the sound of sympathetic strings resonating as the damper pedal is held to the subtle hammer return when a key is released.

Authentically replicating an acoustic grand piano is just the beginning. Inside, the C-720 and C-520 contain 40 individual sounds, including remarkable electric piano sounds that are faithful to the original instruments responsible for so much of the popular repertoire of the 1960s through today's top hits. You'll also find classic organ sounds - both pipe and tonewheel, delicate harpsichords, nylon guitar, "scat" vocals, vibes, strings, bass, and much more.

To further enhance the internal sounds, the C-720 and C-520 offer eight reverb effects, six chorus effects, and twenty-four additional effects to add that final touch. Any two sounds can be split or layered across the keyboard, each with their own effect settings, transposition, panning, etc, and saved as one of thirty "Performance" settings. The handy metronome allows you to choose from nearly any time signature, add a variable accent, or even select one of thirty-seven high-quality drum patterns to guide or enhance your playing.

The two-track recorder serves double-duty as a teaching aid. In addition to recording your own compositions and performances one part at a time, the recorder can also play back a vast library of popular classical pieces, etudes, and progressive exercises. During playback, you can mute either hand's part to learn a piece one hand at a time. You can also loop the play back of a "tricky" passage, so you can keep working on a part until it is perfect!

When you're ready to share your talent with the world, a robust internal sound system - featuring four speakers - delivers full, rich and uncolored piano reproduction.

C-320 - for lush piano sound
Stereo piano samples have been captured at different velocity levels, allowing the C-320 to provide faithful expression throughout the piano's entire dynamic range. Six piano sounds are provided, along with electric pianos, harpsichord and clavinets, church and electronic organs - as well as mallet instruments, strings and choirs, even a guitar. All have been meticulously captured and voiced, and are beautifully reproduced through the enclosed stereo sound system.

Thirty sounds are arranged into three banks of ten for easy access, and two sounds may be layered together for creative effects such as piano and strings or even harpsichord and pipe organ. Reverb and chorus are available for each sound, in varying amounts. The front panel is clean and uncluttered, and offers a simple-to-use arrangement of controls. A built-in metronome can be set to nearly any tempo or time signature and provides a fantastic study aid for the student. Thirty demonstration songs are provided, including twenty piano compositions.

All the right connections
Stereo outputs allow your Concert Piano to be connected to recording devices or to an external sound system - ideal for schools and houses of worship. Audio inputs allow a MP3 player or other audio device to be played through the Concert Pianos' speakers and sound system. All are equipped with MIDI ports for connecting with computers and other audio products; the C-720 and C-520 add a USB-MIDI connector for single cable convenience.

Elegant design
The stylish cabinetry is highlighted by graceful curves, full length side panels, and a fold-down music stand. The C-720 and C-520 even feature page retaining clips. The sliding keycover (C-520 and C-320) protects the instrument when not in use. And of course, all three piano pedals are provided, including Korg's exclusive half-damper and half-soft pedal action for added realism.

SP-250 Digital Piano
Korg has condensed all of the sounds and important features of the C-320 down into a compact instrument that is ideal wherever portability is important. In a school, a house of worship, or in the hands of the on-the-go musician, the SP-250 can easily be moved and quickly set up as needs change. Unlike other portable pianos, the SP-250 comes complete with an attractive and collapsible tubular stand, and a single half-damping sustain pedal that simply hooks onto the stand, preventing the pedal from sliding forward during performance. At under 42 pounds, it's great for bedrooms and dorm use, and for spontaneous entertaining at home or away with friends.

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