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Web site: http://www.pleyel.fr/uk/index.php

Manufactured In: Alès, France

A top contemporary French manufacturer, Pleyel designs, manufactures and assembles all of its pianos at the Pleyel production unit in Alès in the South of France. The extreme skill of Pleyel's craftsmen, true heirs to the long Pleyel tradition, lends Pleyel pianos their renown sound quality and subtle touch. Their elegant lines and refined craftsmanship make their pianos true works-of-art. It is this guarantee of perfection in the manufacture of each instrument that enables the musician to concentrate purely on musical expression and the pleasure of playing.

Pleyel Pianos feature the following characteristics:

  • Soundboard and ribs: solid spruce from Fiemme Valley, CIRESA.
  • Renner action in compliance with Pleyel specifications
  • High-resistance metallic frame, computer optimized.
  • Roslau strings.
  • Manually spun bass strings
  • Beech multi-layer pin-block and Klinke tuning pins for an exceptional tuning stability.
  • Impregnated hammerheads to guarantee continuing acoustic performance.
  • 88 notes, 7 1/3 octaves.
  • Wide music desk.
  • Muffler system (uprights).

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